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Smart Body's patented products integrate seamlessly into the LNTS methodology.

LNTS Kit includes the following:


Mobility Vest

The Smart Body Mobility Vest is an effective tool used to increase flexibility, shoulder mobility, and core rotational strength. Patented and portable, the Smart Body Mobility Vest is an essential part of any training program. The vest is built with a protective nylon sleeve over resistance tubing. Use it to warm up, stretch out, or integrate it into your functional training and sports performance program. It also has applications in physical therapy and rehabilitation. Approximately 15lbs of resistance at 3x tension.

Smart Stick

The Smart Stick is all the equipment you need for a full body workout in your home or to keep up your training routine while traveling. The Smart Stick is a portable fitness package with a 2lb weighted bar, along with 2 Smart Toner resistance bands in Light and Medium resistances. The Smart Stick disassembles into two pieces so you can take it on the go anywhere. Easy twist and snap assembly. Compatible with our classic Smart Toner with plastic handles, you can interchange the resistances for a full body workout. Door anchor included.


Leverage Discs

Air-filled platform for stability training and core strengthening. Patented cut-out center makes the Leverage Disc ideal for dynamic movements and rotational exercises since it offers the necessary foot support. Ideal for general stability training, or sports performance and agility training.


Smart Toner

Patented sleeved resistance band made for athletes and individuals looking to improve strength and muscle toning. Quality nylon sleeve for extended durability and safety. Optimal length-to-tension ratio. Protective sleeve prevents over-stretching. Reinforced sleeve connection. Updated premium grip handles for ultimate comfort. Lightweight, portable, and functional.

The Medium resistance (15lbs) is included in the LNTS Kit.

The Smart Toner with premium grip handles is offered in 6 different resistances: Extra Light(5lbs), Light(10lbs), Medium(15lbs), Heavy(20lbs), Extra Heavy(25lbs), and Super Heavy(30lbs). Foam door anchor included.

Go here to purchase additional resistance bands separately.

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